At University of Oregon I chose to double major in both Advertising and Journalism. My Advertising degree allowed me to express my creativity and question brand choices. Through my advertising classes I not only learned about brands and audiences, but also how to succinctly identify problems and develop creative solutions. Below are some of the examples of the work that demonstrate creativity and conceptual thinking.

With a team of four other media professionals, we developed a digital campaign for Stone Age Table Tennis. My role was a planner and strategist and to identify the target audience for the brand . We then crafted a narrative for upper class homeowners,  inspiring them to congregate their family with a concrete table tennis table.  In March 2015, we pitched our campaign to the owner of Stone Age against our classmates. We won the pitch, and the creative is currently being proliferated on Stone Age's social media platforms. Below is some of the book we presented, to view the full book click HERE.

This is a campaign I worked on for the dairy free brand So Delicious. It was a great way to explore my love of food in a different setting.

Here is an example of a creative brief I wrote for the Google Driverless Car. Click the Image to view the entire brief in DropBox.